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Global Management Improvement Consultant Co.,Ltd. (GMI) was established in January 2005. The group is composed of three senior managers who have worked in internationally renowned notaries for more than five years and the global directors of internationally renowned brands in management consulting. Consultant formation. With a huge faculty lineup, strong technical force and perfect customer service guarantee, GMI quickly gained unanimous recognition from customers and became a leader in the industry.

    Facing the increasingly competitive international environment, in order to better serve customers, GMI has adopted strategic adjustments, refined internal management, and penetrated the business philosophy of "success comes from processes" into each section of training and consulting. The service process of Jiuyu promotes the brand value for the enterprise. In addition to the team's brand building, the company paid attention to cultural brand building at the beginning of its establishment. The monthly circulation of "Learning in Nine Domains", which has grown with Nine Domains, has exceeded 10,000 copies, building an experience and academics for customers. The communication platform is deeply loved and praised by enterprises.

    Currently, GMI products and services:

    Factory Audit Consulting:BSCI,SA8000,ICTI,ETI,WRAP,EICC,GSV,SEDEX,SMETA,Wal-mart,Disney,Nike,Kohl’s,Adidas,Tesco,Hasbro,Target,Carrefour,Seara……

    ISO Consulting:ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, IATF16949, QC080000, ISO14064, ISO22000, ISO27001, ISO22716, BRC, GMP, GMPC, HACCP ...

    We always adhere to the focus of customers and build a basic management platform for enterprises through professional and rigorous services to help the sustainable development of SMEs. Since its establishment, the group has counseled various types of enterprises, and infiltrated the modern scientific management system into the enterprise according to the different cultures and current conditions of the enterprise, and quickly customized a set of effective and simple training programs for customers.

    GMI believes that all the greatness comes from ordinary, so Jiuyu has been adhering to its own business beliefs: allowing excellent companies to have an alternative when they are looking for strategic partners with brand awareness!

    The characteristics and advantages of Jiuyu: GMI is the earliest domestic institution focused on the research of SA8000 social responsibility management system. The group has multiple SA8000 accredited auditors who have been accredited by SAI. In recent years, the number of SA8000 customers that it counsels each year accounts for 70% of the number of approved Guangdong More than 50% of China is China's largest social responsibility consulting agency; it is the domestic advisory agency with the most senior QC080000 senior consultants, currently has 8 IECQ accredited chief auditors, and has more than 100 internal trainings. There are more than 100 companies that have obtained certificates through QC080000 audit. Currently, they have professional management consulting teams, which mainly involve comprehensive services such as process improvement, lean production, financial management, time management, crazy team, and pre-IPO guidance for listed companies.


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