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ICTI Environmental Mission Statement

Members of the International Council of Toy Industries are committed to protecting the environment. They will help their memb..

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ICTI Environmental Mission Statement

Release time:2021-12-23 Read:

Members of the International Council of Toy Industries are committed to protecting the environment. They will help their members consider the environmental impact of their products and activities while continuing to provide quality merchandise that meets customer and consumer needs. This includes taking a holistic approach by addressing the environmental aspects of the products throughout their entire life cycle, in addition to looking for ways to reduce waste and promote recycling.

In order to achieve the mission of conservation and efficient use of natural resources, ICTI members will strive to:

Anticipate and meet opportunities presented by evolving retailer and consumer attitudes towards the environment.

Work with local, national, regional and international legislators and regulators, as well as the industry, to help create and comply with laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment.

Encourage manufacturers to design packages and packaging systems to minimize the impact on the environment, such as reducing packaging material and using less or alternate materials.

Encourage manufacturers to design products to utilize more recycled materials and/or make them more recyclable.

Encourage manufacturers to review manufacturing processes and search for new technologies and innovative procedures to reduce the use of and protect energy, water, and other resources, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards in product quality.

Initiate educational programs and activities designed to promote environmental responsibility.

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