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Unfair Trade Practices

ICTI regularly addresses both tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in order to encourage the free movement of toy products..

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Unfair Trade Practices

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ICTI regularly addresses both tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in order to encourage the free movement of toy products throughout the world. Identifying and eliminating unfair impediments to trade, which can negatively impact consumer product preferences, quality expectations, and price options, is a continuous program within the organization.

An example of such a practice is product counterfeiting, in which a toy may be copied to appear to be the original product, when in fact it is not. Inauthentic product is especially concerning for children’s toys, as imitations may also not comply with safety standards or be tested for compliance. Individual ICTI members prohibit the display of counterfeits in their trade shows and support the implementation of other strict anti-counterfeiting programs. With the growing reliance on online sales, counterfeits have become harder to spot.  ICTI members are working with online marketplaces and regulators to ensure that all products sold online are held to the same standards for fair trade and meet all relevant standards for safety.  

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